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IMPORTANT NOTICE (Dec. 2008): After some setbacks, by the end of 2008 we have finally been able to bring out as many as three new annual volumes of quest: 2006 (xx), 2007 (xxi) and 2008 (xxii). This brings the journal up to date again. Sanya osha edited a timely and fascinating special issue on african feminisms (xx – 2006) with a team of high-ranking contributors -- including some of the most prominent women intellectuals of Africa, and the prominent Nigerian philosopher Eze (♂). Wim van binsbergen edited a special issue on lines and rhizomes: the transcontinental element in african philosophies (xxi - 2007), as well as as a general volume xxii – 2008 under the title African philosophy and the negotiation of practical dilemmas of individual and collective life. We thank our authors, readers, publishers sending review copies, and subscription agents, for their patience and continued support of quest. As Editor, I also wish to thank my fellow members of the Editorial Team, Sanya Osha and Kirsten Seifikar, for their hard work and perseverance. As a sign of the continued resilience and quality of quest, I am pleased to announce that the prominent African / global philosopher Valentin Mudimbe, a regular contributor in recent years, has agreed to join our Advisory Editorial Board, to fill the place sadly vacated by the demise of the lamented Lolle Nauta; an obituary of the latter will appear in the imminent volume XXIII.

From among our readership, we look forward to submissions of papers for publication, and your subscriptions if you prefer the hard copies of our journal (full web access of all twenty-two annual volumes published continues to be free, world-wide); full sets of back copies are available in limited number. A new volume XXIII – 2009 is already on its way but it can use a few more contributions. Volume XXIII will be the last volume that is to have some institutional support from the African Studies Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands. The obvious next step is to find a permanent home for
quest in Africa; the Editor will welcome any viable suggestions on this point.

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Volume XIV No. 1-2, 2000


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Table of contents




Paulin Hountondji

Tradition, Hindrance or Inspiration?


Annemarie Mol

Things and Thinking


Waziri Adio

The Social-Economy of Thought


Mamadou Diawara

L'Intellectuel Africain à l'Epreuve d'Opinion Publique : Une réflection critique


Ahmed Abdalla

The Role of the Intellectuel in the Public Sphere


Jacques Nanema

L'Intellectuelle Problématique


Bouma Bazie

Du Sens de l'Engagement des Intellectuels


Jürgen Hengelbrock

"Filosofia Traditional dos Cabindas": La contribution portugaise à la connaissance de la pensée africaine


Marie Pauline Eboh

Androcentric Web and Gynist Philosophy


Sanya Osha

Theorising the Postcolony or the Force of the Commandement: Meditations on Achille Mbembe’s "On the Postcolony"


Lansana Keita

Gyekye and African Philosophy: a Note


Heinz Kimmerle

Review of two books of Kwame Gyekye


Pieter Boele van Hensbroek

The Role of Intellectuals in the Public Sphere: Conference, 24-25 February 2000, Beirut, Lebanon


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