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IMPORTANT NOTICE (Dec. 2008): After some setbacks, by the end of 2008 we have finally been able to bring out as many as three new annual volumes of quest: 2006 (xx), 2007 (xxi) and 2008 (xxii). This brings the journal up to date again. Sanya osha edited a timely and fascinating special issue on african feminisms (xx – 2006) with a team of high-ranking contributors -- including some of the most prominent women intellectuals of Africa, and the prominent Nigerian philosopher Eze (♂). Wim van binsbergen edited a special issue on lines and rhizomes: the transcontinental element in african philosophies (xxi - 2007), as well as as a general volume xxii – 2008 under the title African philosophy and the negotiation of practical dilemmas of individual and collective life. We thank our authors, readers, publishers sending review copies, and subscription agents, for their patience and continued support of quest. As Editor, I also wish to thank my fellow members of the Editorial Team, Sanya Osha and Kirsten Seifikar, for their hard work and perseverance. As a sign of the continued resilience and quality of quest, I am pleased to announce that the prominent African / global philosopher Valentin Mudimbe, a regular contributor in recent years, has agreed to join our Advisory Editorial Board, to fill the place sadly vacated by the demise of the lamented Lolle Nauta; an obituary of the latter will appear in the imminent volume XXIII.

From among our readership, we look forward to submissions of papers for publication, and your subscriptions if you prefer the hard copies of our journal (full web access of all twenty-two annual volumes published continues to be free, world-wide); full sets of back copies are available in limited number. A new volume XXIII – 2009 is already on its way but it can use a few more contributions. Volume XXIII will be the last volume that is to have some institutional support from the African Studies Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands. The obvious next step is to find a permanent home for
quest in Africa; the Editor will welcome any viable suggestions on this point.

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quest  is now best approached by e-mail, or via the Editor’s mail address (click).  
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Topicalities: Colloquium 'The transcultural framework for the construction of African knowledges' 23-3-04 / Actualités: Colloque 'Le cadre transculturel pour la construction des connaissances africaines' 23-3-2004

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Dossier Quest


the colloquium announced below has meanwhile taken place; click here for a description and photographs

QUEST, in collaboration with:

  The African Studies Centre/ Centre d’Etudes Africaines, Leiden
  The Chair of Foundations of Intercultural Philosophy, Philosophical Faculty, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  The Dutch-Flemish Association for Intercultural Philosophy (NVVIF)

has the pleasure of inviting you to a special Colloquium entitled
a l'honneur de vous inviter à un Colloque spécial, intitulé: 

The transcultural framework for the construction of African knowledges:

Methodological, epistemological, and political considerations

  Le cadre transculturel pour la construction des connaissances africaines:

Considérations méthodologiques, épistémologiques et politiques


time: Tuesday/mardi 23rd March/mars, 2004, 13.30-17.00 hrs

place: African Studies Centre, Pieter de la Court building, Faculty of Social Sciences, Wassenaarseweg 52, Leiden, room: 1A47


Special colloquium to launch major developments related to Quest: An African Journal of Philosophy. Quest has now gone online (, in addition to appearing in printed form, and it has a new éditorial team now headed by Wim van Binsbergen. To celebrate this, and to stress Quest’s intention to completely Africanize as soon as institutional and financial conditions permit this, the first copy of volume XVI (1-2) of Quest will be officially presented to the prominent African philosopher Paul Hountondji, by the outgoing Editor, Pieter Boele van Hensbroek (Quest XVI, 1-2, entitled: TRUTH IN POLITICS: Rhetorical Approaches to Democratic Deliberation in Africa and beyond, 272 pp., special issue, Philippe-Joseph Salazar, Sanya Osha et Wim van Binsbergen, guest editors).   Colloque spécial organisé dans le cadre de développements récents et importants concernant Quest: Revue Africaine de Philosophie. Quest est maintenant disponible sur la Toile (, version électronique qui sert comme complément à la version imprimée qui continue à apparaître. Aussi, Quest à trouvé un nouvel équipe éditorial désormais dirigé par Wim van Binsbergen. En célébration, et aussi pour accentuer l’intention, de la part de Quest, d’Africanisation totale dès que les conditions institutionelles et financières permettront une telle démarche, le premier exemplaire de la volume xvi (i-2) de Quest sera présenté officiellement à Paulin Hountondji, philosophe africain prominent, par l’ancien Editeur, Pieter Boele van Hensbroek (Quest XVI, 1-2, intitulé: TRUTH IN POLITICS: Rhetorical Approaches to Democratic Deliberation in Africa and beyond, 272 pp., numéro spécial, sous la direction de Philippe-Joseph Salazar, Sanya Osha et Wim van Binsbergen).




1. Presentations 1. Présentations


Pieter Boele van Hensbroek, founder (with Ron Bwalya) and for 15 years Editor of Quest, Associate Professor of African Philosophy, University of Groningen, Netherlands, and specialist on academic socio-political thought in Africa since the late 19th century. His current research mainly addresses the position of African intellectuels, their potential, their problems, and their social and political responsibilities. He will contrast South-North exchange in philosophy with that in the social sciences. Presentation in English.

Pieter Boele van Hensbroek, fondateur (avec Ron Bwalya) et pendant 15 ans l’Editeur de Quest, Maître de Conférences en philosophie africaine à l’université de Groningen, Pays-Bas, et spécialiste sur la pensée académique socio-politique africaine dès la fin du 19ème siècle. Ses recherches actuelles addressent surtout la position des intellectuels africains, leur potentiel, leur problèmes, et leur responsabilités sociales et politiques. Il contrastera l’échange sud-nord en philosophie avec celle dans les sciences sociales. Présentation en anglais.


René Devisch, an anthropologist who has always worked on the intersection between anthropology, philosophy, and psychoanalysis; Africanist, and Professor at Louvain, Belgium. He will approach our general theme by a critical reflection on Intercultural encounters: African and anthropological lessons towards a philosophy of interculturality (van Binsbergen), which has just come out. Presentation in English.

René Devisch (anthropologue qui a toujours travaillé là où l’anthropologie, la philosophie et la psychanalyse se rencontrent, Africaniste, et professeur à Louvain (Belgique) approchera notre thème générale en partant, d’un perspective critique, sur le livre Intercultural encounters: African and anthropological lessons towards a philosophy of interculturality (van Binsbergen), qui vient d’apparaître. Présentation en anglais.


Julie Ndaya, of Zairese/Congolese origin, M.A. in ethnic studies (Brussels), subsequently active in the field of intercontinental development co-operation, and currently Associated Member of the African Studies Centre, Leiden, where she just finished the first version of her doctoral thesis on identitary expression, especially in the religious field (in a movement named ‘Spiritual Battle’), among Zairese/Congolese in Zaire/Congo and especially in the European diaspora. She will speak on the problems of the politics of knowledge, and of methodology, which this study has forced her to confront. Presentation in French.

Julie Ndaya, d’origine zairoise/congolaise, licenciat à Bruxelles en études ethniques, puis spécialiste en co-opération intercontinentale pendant des années, et puis, plus récemment, membre associé du Centre d’Etudes Africaines, Leyde, où elle vient d’écrire la première version d’une thèse de doctorat sur les expressions identitaires, surtout religieuses (dans un mouvement appellé Le Combat Spirituel), des femmes zairoises/congolaises au Congo/Zaire et surtout dans le diaspora nord-ouest européen. Elle parlera des problèmes de la politique de la connaissance, et de la méthodologie de connaissance, qu’une telle étude l’a forcée de ressoudre. Elle présentera en français.


Wim van Binsbergen, Professeur of Intercultural Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Senior Researcher at the African Studies Centre, Leiden, and currently Editor of Quest, will speak on the dilemmas and the perspectives of African knowledge construction on the basis of Volume XVI 1-2 of Quest, entitled: TRUTH IN POLITICS: Rhetorical Approaches to Democratic Deliberation in Africa and beyond. As an exciting and topical exercise in intercultural philosophy, this volume attempts to apply the western philosophical tradition of rhetoric (Aristotle, Protagoras, Cicero – a tradition which recently has undergone great renewal and is now enjoying a considerable popularity in the philosophical study of politics and identity) to African contexts, especially the analysis of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa (1994-1998). This poses questions concerning the universal and the particular, hegemony and anti-hegemony, the imposition of alien and alienating Western models on Africa, and the possibility of better understanding the dynamics of South Africa today on the basis of models and parallels derived from other African societies and polities, past and present. The articulation of this type of questions takes up the 35 pp. Postscript in the present volume, and in fact constitutes some sort of manifesto for Quest in coming years. Presentation in English.

Wim van Binsbergen, professeur de philosophie interculturelle à l’université Erasme à Rotterdam, Senior Researcher au Centre d’Etudes Africaines, Leyde, et courramment Editeur de Quest, parlera sur les dilemmes et les perspectives de la construction des connaissances africaines sur la base de volume XVI, 1-2, de Quest, intitulé: TRUTH IN POLITICS: Rhetorical Approaches to Democratic Deliberation in Africa and beyond. Exercise en philosophie transculturelle bien actuelle et fascinante, la volume essaye d’appliquer la tradition occidentale philosophique de la rhétorique (Aristote, Protagoras, Cicéron -- tradition qui récemment a subi toute une resurgissance et qui connait maintenant une popularité considérable dans les contextes de la philosophie politique et identitaire) dans des contextes africains, surtout l’analyse de la Truth and Reconciliation Commission de l’Afrique du Sud. Ceci pose des questions fondamentales d’universalité et de particularité, d’hégémonie et de contre-hégémonie, de l’applicabilité des modèles occidentaux et aliénés imposés sur l’Afrique, et de la possibilité de mieux apprécier le dynamisme sudafricain sur la base de modèles et de parallèlles empruntés d’autres sociétés et d’autres systèmes politiques en Afrique, dans le présent aussi bien que dans le passé. L’articulation de ce genre de questions occupe le Postscript de 35 pages dans cette volume, et en effet constitue une sorte de manifesto de Quest pour les années qui viennent. Présentation en anglais.


2. tea/ coffee break

2. pause thé / café


3. Key note address by Paulin Hountondji, Professor of Philosophy, Benni University, Director of the African Institute for Advanced Studies, Porto Novo, Benin, and one of the leading African philsophers today – as well as member of the Advisory Editorial Board of Quest. On the basis of his ongoing research and publication projects, Prof. Hountondji will offer a general discussion of the leading theme of this Colloquium; in passing he will reflect on the role of Quest in this connection.

3. Présentation clef par Paulin Hountondji, Professeur de philosophie, Université de Bénin; Directeur de l’Institut Africain des Etudes Avancées (African Institute of Advanced Studies), Porto Novo, Bénin, et un des principaux philosophes de l’Afrique actuelle – member du Conseil éditorial de Quest. Sur la base de ses recherches et projects de publication actuelles, le Professeur Hountondji nous donnera un discours général sur notre thème défini ci-haut, et en passant il refléchira sur le role d’un journal comme Quest


4. Official presentation of volume Quest XVI to Paulin Hountondji by Pieter Boele van Hensbroek, founder and former Editor of Quest

4. Présentation officielle de la volume Quest XVI à Paulin Hountondji par Pieter Boele van Hensbroek, fondateur et ancien Editeur de Quest


In the chair/ Présidence: Wim van Binsbergen

 Languages of communication / Langues de communication: anglais et français

Admission: open and free / Toute personne intéressée est la bien venue; entrée gratuite

Pre-registration: please register your intention to attend at: / Veuillez pré-enregistrer par courier électronique à:

Drinks will be served after the Colloquium / Des boissons seront etre servies après le colloque)

The Quest volume in question (XVI) will become available for inspection at  from 15 March 2004 / La volume de Quest XVI sera disponible pour inspection sur à partir du 15 mars 2004

Copies of the newly published volume XVI of Quest will be for sale during the Colloquium / La volume XVI peut être achêtée pendant le Colloque














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